3D Laser Scanning & Dimensional Control Surveys

Some of the businesses are advertising the 3D laser scanning services but only a few of them have an extensive knowledge of the correct application of this modern technology towards of the surveyed environment in order to deliver the best products available on the survey market to the clients. We employ people who have been involved in 3D laser Scanning Technology for the last 15 years and had been working worldwide on the variety of projects. They had served a wide variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Construction, Energy, Architecture, Marine, Transportation, Manufacturing, Movie, and Gaming …

Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

-Capturing data from safe and remote locations.
-Extremely quick data collection.
-Comprehensive and dense data capture coverage facilitates multiple applications from the same dataset.
-Time and cost efficient compared to traditional survey techniques (no need to come back on the site for additional data capture).
-Extensive variety of available formats for data delivery to clients.


-Architectural surveys
-Historical/archaeological/heritage surveys
-BIM (Building Information Modeling)
-As-built surveys
-Road/Topographical/Bridge surveys
-Monitoring/Deformation Analysis
-Rail surveys
-Tunnel surveys
-Mine surveys
-Plant pipe works/pipe surveys
-Factories and manufacturing
-Reverse engineering
-Custom installs and fabrication
-Airborne laser scanning
-Mobile laser scanning (vehicle mounted)
-Forensic surveys (Crash/accident scene record)
-Insurance documentation record
-Movie/Gaming industry laser scanning
-Agriculture and Forestry
-Pipeline corrosion inspection