Making mistakes or discovering errors too late in the factory layout process is very costly. Unfortunately, the layouts aren’t always accurate or updated which creates a degree of uncertainty when it comes to installation of new equipment and rebuilding facilities. It also leads to a lot of waste in movement when employees have to go out in production to perform measurements, take pictures and take notes in order to remember important details to avoid errors. The point cloud is an excellent information carrier and can easily be used as a visualization aid for meetings or simply to refreshing memories of a location. It also provides the possibility to view and examine a location remotely. The software can perform advanced simulations and verifications of existing and future layouts, models and installations. Parts of the point cloud can be colorized, hidden, removed, duplicated or transformed. Existing 2D layout drawings or 3D models can be attached and verified relative the point cloud. The attached objects can be simulated with clash collision or differencing.